I am a UK-based Illustrator and Character Designer named BerryT (full name Berenice Termote).
I live and breathe for drawing, and I find being an Illustrator incredibly rewarding. This is why I have made it into my career.
I enjoy mixing shape, line and colour to create unique, fresh and contemporary illustrations. My inspiration is fuelled by the everyday snippets of life, and I love to combine this with the twist of my imagination.
My illustrations are versatile and have featured effectively as a range of uses and formats - from large-scale murals, to multi-media platforms. 
When I am not busy working, I enjoy soaking up the world around me in my sketchbook, as this is what keeps me inspired and refreshed for my next creative endeavour. I also enjoy exploring new avenues through personal projects. 
Please view my full portfolio for more of an insight into the briefs and projects I have been involved in, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss working with me. 
Contact: hello@berryt.co.uk
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